“This product saved the day! Quick shipping and it was simple to install. Best system I’ve ever used.” Ryan Villopoto 4x Supercross, 2x 450 Motocross, 3x 250 Motocross Champion Post DateJanuary 1, 2019

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Bolt It On manufactures motorcycle tie-down systems for transporting motorcycles and bicycles safely and securely, in your van, toy hauler, enclosed cargo/utility or flatbed trailer.

No drilling required.
• Fits Trailers, Toyhaulers & Vans.
• Proudly Made in U.S.A.
• It’s removable!
• Installation examples in our Photo Gallery.
• Precision Laser Cut / Powder Coated!
• Dirt, Sport, Cruiser, Scooter Motorcycle and Mountain / Bicycle Systems

We are proud to announce our release of the
Bicycle/Dirt Bike Pro Combo kit!!

Bolt It On’s rack systems connect to your existing floor mounted D-rings, E-track or L-track with Bolt It On’s J-Hook system.
No hand tools or drilling required. The rack is assembled by sliding the desired combination of wheel chocks and tie-down loops onto the main bar and locking them into place.



A wide-variety of applications that can be customized for your applications.

Nothing is unimaginable.


"I was searching online for wheel chocks to haul my bikes on riding vacations and training. I have a 7 x 16 trailer that I bought to take my bikes on these trips when I’m not racing. I wanted this trailer to not just be dedicated to moto because my wife also uses the trailer for her business, so I needed something that was easy to install, and removable if needed but most importantly hold my babies! Bolt It On came up in my search. I looked up the reviews and watched the YouTube video. I was impressed and it looked like what I needed so I ordered one. Now after using it to drive out West from Texas, it worked perfect for what I needed for. Before I would always open up the trailer to see how the bikes were “riding” hoping the handle bars haven’t turned and allowed the bike to move and go into another one or another or even worse fall. I used to tie the bikes down against the wall. The best part is how solid and worry free it was now with Bolt It On. During the trip I would look after bouncing down the desert road and pulling into the track. Always solid and the bikes stayed put. Easy to adjust after installing and can adapt to all the different bikes I ride. Thanks for the help Bolt It On!" My Best, Andrew Short