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Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Bolt It On Dirt Bike Rack

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New-style vans like the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit are rapidly gaining popularity, but unlike the traditional pickup truck, it’s not always easy to transport a dirt bike inside them as they come delivered, off the dealership parking lot. Truth be told, many of our friends who drive vans have them completely pimped out inside with custom builds, but what about those of us who have realistic budgetary constraints? That’s where this badass system from Bolt It On comes in! Vans (and most enclosed trailers, Funmovers, etc.) come with D-rings in the floorboards, and this is how this ingenious dirt bike transport system is attached! Simply position the Bolt It On Bike Rack where you’d like it to sit, attach the rack to the D-rings in the floor, and tighten it down. Non-slip pads on the bottoms of the towers, coupled with the pressure from the two J-hooks and D-rings, make the bar as secure as can be.

The kit consists of a crossbar that is pre-drilled for multiple accessories and positions, and each adjusts with spring-loaded knobs that are easy to use and offer positive engagement. All of the parts are powder coated black and have a nice, satin finish that is resistant to scratching. The kit we tested is set up for two dirt bikes, but there are options for the system to accommodate up to four dirt bikes with staggered wheel chocks. Furthermore, big street bike wheel chocks are available too. Our kit came with two tie-down anchors that we positioned on each side, outside of the towers, and two wheel chocks, each of which have tie down anchors on both sides.

At first, we must admit that we thought the tie down anchors didn’t look strong enough, but they have proven us wrong! With two big 450s loaded up and snugged down, the rack is steady and secure. The coolest feature about the Bolt It On Dirt Bike Rack is its versatility. The spring-loaded knobs make it easy to move all of the mounts and accessories in a minute or two, and we even assembled the entire rack and had it secured in a van in well under 10 minutes, with no tools required.

Every once in a while, a product comes around and we wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Bolt It On Dirt Bike Rack is simple, yet clever, and it is a must for anyone who drives a van or trailer!