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All I can say is “WOW”!!!

Hi Scott, I received the rack last week, on time, but actually had the chance to install and admire it Saturday. As you know this is the second system I have purchased, and all I can say is “WOW”!!!

This was truly a custom application and it fits perfectly. I think this time you may have outdone yourself. This side loader has very little room to waste and you make every bit of it count.
I will be showing it off in a couple of weeks in Alabama at a track day with Elite Sportbike. (if I make it to the track ☺ )
Also, thanks for the tee! The design is very West Coast!!
As always, I owe you big time! Any way I can return the service, please let me know.
Your loyal customer.

Ben Sutherland
Post DateSeptember 24, 2015

It’s solid. Works perfectly. No B.S.

Mercedes Sprinter Motorcycle Carrier Rack

The Bolt It On rack system does exactly what it says it will do. Allow you to quickly tie your bikes down, without having to permanently mount a rack in your van, toy hauler, etc.

It’s quick, simple & made to last. I installed it myself in my Sprinter van (I did not have to drill holes in my floor & no bolts) & tied down my 2 dirt bikes. Then I tested it by taking a drive. To my surprise my dirt bikes did not move around one bit. It’s solid & works perfectly, no BS. Now I have a rack to tie my dirt bikes down & I can quickly remove it completely, then use my van for anything else I wish to. If your looking for a quality rack to tie your bikes down & be completely removable quickly, look no further.

Thank you for the great product guys! Plus it’s made right here in the U.S.A. American made!

Mark Proscelle
Favorite activity when using our rack? (ex. Trail Riding)dirt bike riding via my Sprinter van!
Post DateSeptember 25, 2017

The absolute only way to transport my motorcycles.

Bolt It On is the absolute only way to transport my motorcycles. The initial setup only takes minutes and securing the bikes is a breeze. Doesn’t matter if short hauls or long hauls across the country the bikes stay planted. I love that I can take this system out and use it other vehicles / trailers.

I liked the product so much that I also purchased grab handles for my ford transit van. The quality, fit and finish of the Bolt It On products is top notch. Don’t hesitate to call them either. Scott kept me posted throughout the process and even after to follow up.

Mike Harlow
Post DateSeptember 17, 2018


Hi Scott!

Thanks so much.  This is probably one of the most amazing pieces of engineering I have seen. So simple and so strong!  Brilliant!  We will splash it over media when we are done!

Steven Urquhart
Post DateSeptember 22, 2018

Four Bikes in 15 minutes. It used to take 45!

All went well. Love love love the rack. It’s awesome. It rocks. Will be doing my best to sell some more for you. I love it, I loaded the bikes by myself in 15 minutes. It used to take us almost 45 min to strap four bikes in. Thanks for designing such a simple product.

Jack Hillard
Post DateSeptember 24, 2018

Fitting three bikes is a breeze

I have a Forest River (17 Wolf Pup 17rp). My bars, leg supports and tie points fit absolutely perfect. So perfect, it’s amazing. Fitting three bikes is a breeze. Anyways, love your invention.

Danny Abeyta
Post DateSeptember 24, 2018

I will recommend it to everyone

heavy duty mortorcycle racks

We finally hauled the bike using your Bolt it On system and it worked perfectly. I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks

John Dann
Post DateSeptember 25, 2018

I Absolutely love it!

Street Bike Loaded in Sprinter

I purchased the 1 bike cruiser kit and I absolutely love it. Easy to install, made of quality material and very solid once installed. We have used it several times already and have received many compliments on it and would recommend this product to anyone.

We were a first time transporter of the motorcycle, typically we ride it everywhere, so I needed something to make me feel at ease that the bike would be safe and secure. This definitely does that for me.

Thank you, Scott and crew, for such a great product.

Jason Pelton

Pinnacle Exposition Services

A Veteran Owned Company

Jason Pelton
Pinnacle Exposition Services
Post DateNovember 25, 2018

This product saved the day!

 “This product saved the day! Quick shipping and it was simple to install. Best system I’ve ever used.”

Ryan Villopoto
4x Supercross, 2x 450 Motocross, 3x 250 Motocross Champion
Post DateJanuary 1, 2019

This is a must have item to securely tie down your bikes.

Husqvarna Motorcycles Factory Testimonial

“I have been using the Bolt It On bike tie down system in my Toyhauler for over a year and it has worked flawlessly. We often tow in on long rough roads to get to our favorite camping and riding areas and the bikes don’t move inside the trailer. After seeing our set up all our friends who we camp with have decided they also need this for their rigs. If you have a toy hauler, van, or cargo trailer this is a must have item to securely tie down your bikes without damaging your toys or rig!”

Blaine Schuttler
Favorite activity when using our rack? (ex. Trail Riding)Testing the new Husqvarna dual-sports out in the woods!
Post DateJanuary 9, 2019

The simplest, sturdiest, and cleanest way to transport your bikes in a van or trailer

Donn Maeda Testimonial

The Bolt It On motorcycle rack is the simplest, sturdiest and cleanest way to properly transport your bikes in a van or trailer. It installs in minutes and allows you to securely transport your bikes without damaging you passenger seats, van or trailers walls. Why didn’t I think of this?

Donn Meada

Editor In Chief – Transworld Motocross



Donn Maeda
Editor In Chief - Transworld Motorcross
Post DateJanuary 18, 2019

Install was super easy and painless, and rack kept our bikes solid

We’ve got the grab handles and 3 dirt bike rack for our Transit Van. Install was super easy and painless, and the rack kept our bikes solid. It’s great for us to swap between passenger seating and dirt bike transport very quickly.

Lukas Eddy
Post DateJanuary 18, 2019

Brian Lopes Testimonial

The Bolt It On rack system checks so many boxes for me. It’s really the one rack that can do it all. Secures in seconds to the floor rings in my van with the ability to safely hold up to 5 bicycles, 3 motos, or any combo I need. The ease and versatility of this rack for all two wheeled toys are what really set it apart from anything else I’ve ever used. Finally one rack that can truly do it all. Thanks Bolt It On!

Post DateJuly 19, 2021