Mercedes Sprinter Motorcycle Carrier Rack

The Bolt It On rack system does exactly what it says it will do. Allow you to quickly tie your bikes down, without having to permanently mount a rack in your van, toy hauler, etc.

It’s quick, simple & made to last. I installed it myself in my Sprinter van (I did not have to drill holes in my floor & no bolts) & tied down my 2 dirt bikes. Then I tested it by taking a drive. To my surprise my dirt bikes did not move around one bit. It’s solid & works perfectly, no BS. Now I have a rack to tie my dirt bikes down & I can quickly remove it completely, then use my van for anything else I wish to. If your looking for a quality rack to tie your bikes down & be completely removable quickly, look no further.

Thank you for the great product guys! Plus it’s made right here in the U.S.A. American made!