Vans owners have always been one of the more creative of the bunch when it comes to loading motorcyles into the tight areas. After early morning Yoga, it seemed a healthy cup of coffee and donuts were usually enough motivation to cram you and (most likely) another person into the back of a van … with tie-down straps and two or three MX bikes all staring at you simltaniosuly. Before the race, the goal was to keep the bike upright and shiney at all costs. Sacrafice your body & back of the van to keep the bike upright.

At the end of the day, it’s another story.  All creative efforts to save the shiney bike GO out the window. It beat you up after the first kick this morning, you are out of strength and all you want to do is to get home quickly and safely. Plees for help do go out initially for most. For you, most likely your son’s best friend was “going to help you” load. After all you took him to the races this morning and fed him / her the same awesome ice chest sandwiches you ate. But someone always has to leave early after sucking dust all day especially, well um, if they didn’t even ride. Imagine that. So at that point anxiety and emmbarrassment start to set in knowing that you may be risking anything from a dented gas tank to a dented forearm (or worse) if that bike comes off the ramp or the trailer it is aiming for. But once you arrive at your destination (The Rack), you better have a functional system that locks your bike quickly a without a bunch of trail and error. At all costs, the hook-up point cannot be cumbersome to get to. 

When loading your bikes at the end of the day, you will never have it easier than with the Bolt It On Rack system.

We were the originators of this rack system in the get-go and have continued to work hard to improve its quality and function making it what you see today.

If you’ve got our rack, please send us an example of your set-up with a photo and description. Thanks much!
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