1 Dirt Bike
Motorcycle Kit


A removable transportation rack for Motocross & Dirt Bikes.



1 – Bolt It On Dirt Bike system pre-configured for a single motocross or trail bike.

This system comes preconfigured to securely fasten one dirt type motorcycle to your Bolt It On system. Make sure to select a crossbar length that is appropriate for your vehicle, take measurements!


  • 1 Crossbar
  • 2 Support legs
  • 1 Regular dirt bike wheel chocks
  • 2 Tie down loops
  • Hardware

What to consider when selecting the correct crossbar:

  • What is the distance between the inside of my walls?Crossbar for motorcycle rack
  • Do I have wells? If so they must be below 10″ if you plan on extended the bar over them
  • From the floor to the bottom of the crossbar is 10″
  • If your wheel wells are over 10″ then measure between your wheel wells to determine the correct crossbar length.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 96 in
#1 - Choose your Crossbar

67", 77", 80", 88", 92", 95", Custom Crossbar

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