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Bolt It On Rack System Review: Transportation Hack

Bolt It On Rack System Review | Motorcycle TransportBolt It On Rack System for Dirt BikesIn the modern digital age, a “hack” is generally defined as a clever or elegant solution to a nagging problem. The phrase “There’s a hack for that” seems to be a common expression nearly synonymous with saying “Get with the times, man!”

Well, I’m pleased to say that I’ve discovered a hack for transporting motorcycles that has increased my overall quality of life measurably—the Bolt It On Rack System for transporting motorcycles.

We’ve all experienced our fair share of trials and tribulations when it comes to loading and hauling motorcycles, especially when venturing beyond the truck bed to an enclosed trailer or toy-hauler.

The aptly named toy hauler has become a popular way to transport dirt bikes, while simultaneously dragging along your mobile estate. By featuring fold-up furniture and a large rear door that doubles as a loading ramp, a toy hauler provides for motorcycle storage directly in the camper itself, freeing up the truck bed for firewood and other essentials, and eliminating the need to disconnect the truck from the trailer upon arrival.

Sounds like the perfect transport solution, right? Well, almost. Put yourself in this scenario:

It’s early Friday afternoon before a three-day holiday weekend and you’ve left the office a little early to beat city traffic with hopes of rushing home to hook up the toy hauler and embark on a long-awaited family motorcycle weekend.

Timing is critical, so you’ve asked your wife to constantly monitor Waze to deliver blow-by-blow traffic and route updates to ensure an on-time arrival. Your kids are in the backseat surrounded by snacks and physically wrestling over the iPad, while the baby is crying because he’s been restrained in the car seat for too long amid all of the chaos. All you can think about is the shoddy menagerie of tie-downs, laid-over bike stands, and gear bags you used to haphazardly secure the motorcycles in the back of your toy hauler.

Of course, without being able to see your precious two-wheeled cargo while you’re pulling the enclosed toy-hauler, it becomes a mental game of poker—bluffing yourself that your mess will hold together until you arrive, but knowing that you really have a losing hand and should mitigate the severity of the situation, pronto. Your better judgment temporarily intervenes and you decide to make an ill-timed pit stop on the side of the freeway to take a peek, for better or for worse.

Praying that you and your rig do not get rear-ended, you make your way back to the toy hauler door. Before you can even reach for the handle, you already hear the audible beep from the CO2 alarm, meaning only one thing—a fuel spill. There is at least one bike down, maybe more.

You open the door to discover your failed web of tie-downs in a heap on the floor. To your horror, all four motorcycles lying flat as pancakes. To make matters worse, the fuel vapor is so thick you can hardly breathe. As you turn to run out the door, you notice two holes punched through the interior wall from wayward handlebars and additional holes in the floor.

As you’ve probably surmised by now, this is a true story. It happened to me. I was completely at fault and, unfortunately, it’s a day that my family will never let me forget. There’s got to be a better way!

The folks at Bolt It On have hacked this problem and created a completely practical and fail-safe way to transport your precious two-wheeled beauties. Bolt It On founder Scott Corgiat realized the obvious—RV manufacturers are not designing cargo areas specifically for motorcycles.

Instead, they provide a series of D-rings in the floor and it’s up to the purchaser to formulate a way to securely Spider-man their bikes in an upright position without causing any collateral damage. This typically takes at least four tie-downs per bike, and is a crap shoot at best.

The Bolt It On Rack System is essentially a powdercoated steel bar that utilizes two J-hooks looped through the D-rings in the RV floor to secure it down. Motorcycle wheel chocks can be configured on either side of the bar and tie down anchor points can be positioned to maximize effectiveness.

Corgiat’s team delivered an 80-inch bar with two regular wheel chocks and one extended chock on one side of the bar, and a fourth wheel chock on the other. This configuration will accommodate three bikes on one side and a fourth bike on the other, facing the other three. Depending on the particular RV floor plan, one Bolt It On Rack System can accommodate as many as eight motorcycles.

Assembly instructions were clear and concise and Bolt It On has plenty of pictures on Instagram for those of us who are visual learners. Either way, assembly and configuration are straightforward and intuitive.

Securing the rack to the floor of the RV takes less than 90 seconds—just turn a knob to tighten the J-hooks on the D-rings. Unexpectedly, you don’t actually bolt on the Bolt It On Rack System, and that’s part of the beauty of it.



Gear Junkie Review

Single dirt bike or bicycle + camp config‘Bolt It On’ Motorcycle Restraint System: Carry Big Toys With Confidence.  Bolt It On is one of the best ways to secure your motorcycle or bike inside your vehicle.Tying down motorcycles and bicycles in vans, toy-haulers, and enclosed trailers usually means creative threading of bikes, handlebars, and tie-down straps. Then heaps of blind faith that it all stays put as you travel to your destination.Both pedal-powered and motorized bikes grow increasingly expensive. So do vehicles, RVs, and trailers. If a motorcycle works itself loose, costly damage can ensue, taking some of the fun out of the excursion.

The Bolt It On restraint is an incredibly heavy-duty motorcycle and bicycle lashing system. The American-made system holds heavy adventure motorcycles without a maze of tie-down straps. In our testing, it kept everything secure. The modular design of the components allowed 5-minute installation and removal as well as reconfiguration to fit different needs or vehicles.

The downside is the cost, with a single bike system starting at $330. But the Bolt It On will last a lifetime.

Heavy-Duty Materials & Design

59261354502__27F398A6-7948-416E-8573-5CBEC2FB068EThe standout characteristic of the Bolt It On system is how robust each component is. The brand makes everything out of laser-cut, high-grade-alloy steel and applies a durable black powder coat. All welds are consistent, and every part, even the smallest ones, has a heavy-duty, industrial feel.

The backbone of the system is 1¾-inch square tube crossbar and a pair of triangular legs. The crossbar has holes along its entire length, and all components secure through any hole by a spring-loaded pin.

The crossbar and anything else attached to it secures to the floor of the vehicle by heavy-duty threaded J-hooks. These attach with hand knobs that engage with factory D-rings in the floor or the factory seat anchors in passenger vans. Nothing is complicated and requires no drilling.

All this robust componentry does mean weight. A two-bike system with standard motorcycle chocks weighs 35 pounds. Bolt It On also offers roll-on chocks, which allow hands-free operation once the bike is in the chock. That brings a two-bike system to 55 pounds.

Bolt It On offers all styles of wheel chocks, including angled models and double-sided versions. The brand will cut crossbars to any length. It sells pre-configured systems, but any combination of crossbar length and wheel chocks is possible.


Another focal point of the Bolt It On system is modularity. Not only is installation and removal a tool-free, 5-minute affair, but you can also change the configuration just as quickly to accommodate different vehicles, space requirements, or gear needs.

Roll on wheel chocks showing pivot plate

Chock styles can be rearranged, added, or eliminated. The J-hook locations, tie-down strap anchors, and the legs can also move for any reason.

System Setup & Loading

The system I chose for my VanDOit DO model adventure van (a Ford Transit passenger van):

  • 67” crossbar with two leg supports
  • 2 roll-on wheel chocks, 1 with a 6” extension arm to create handlebar offset
  • 1 bicycle/dirt bike Pro Wheel Chock, which can anchor a dirt bike with straps or a bicycle without straps
  • 2 tie-down anchors
  • MSRP for this custom setup is $740

The entire system was anchored to the VanDOit internal skeleton via the two J-hooks, but it can also be attached to the factory passenger seat anchors. Once I set component locations, installation or removal took less than 5 minutes.

The listed setup allowed me to carry any combination of two dirt bikes or adventure bikes, or any motorcycle plus my mountain bike. But either passenger seats or my kitchen pod had to be removed.

Reconfigurable System

I also reconfigured the system in various ways to meet particular demands or to keep as many options open as possible. The most flexible system for only one dirt bike or bicycle was to run the bicycle/dirt bike Pro Wheel Chock and retain both the kitchen and a two-person passenger seat for my kid.


The roll-on chocks were saviors when loading heavy adventure bikes alone. As their name implies, the front tire rolls across a pivoting plate, which secures the wheel and keeps the bike from rolling backward or falling sideways. I could then let go of the bike and walk around to tie it down. I have not experienced an easier way of loading motorcycles.

The bicycle/dirt bike Pro Wheel Chock operates as an ordinary chock. I had to hold the bike up while tying down at least one side of the handlebar. The chock secured bicycles with an arm that clamps down on a wheel.


I live down a 3-mile, rough, rocky dirt road. Getting up or down my steep “driveway” in an 8,000-plus-pound adventure van requires 4WD to avoid wheel spin on the loose rock embedded and hardpacked cliche.

Even with a KTM 790 Adventure R and a Husqvarna FE501 Dual Sport on board, the Bolt It On system never faltered. Nothing worked loose, and after the initial run, I never worried about damage to a bike or my van.

I have never been able to drive over rough roads without checking in the rear-view mirror constantly, and more times than not, I’ve had to get out and re-secure bikes before I acquired the Bolt It On system.


The Bolt It On motorcycle restraint system simplifies and eases loading and securing motorcycles and bicycles, reliably safeguarding the two-wheeled toys even while driving across rough terrain.

The modular design allows quick, tool-less installation and removal as well as allows for multiple configurations to adapt to various vehicles and changing interior space or gear-hauling needs. And the high-quality, made-in-the-USA, all-steel construction is extremely heavy duty. The Bolt It On system will outlive any of my motorcycles and my van.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Bolt It On system for anyone searching for a robust, reliable solution for hauling dirt bikes and bicycles, but with the full understanding that the system is expensive. But when considering the cost of the toys and the vehicle, the price becomes more justifiable.

Built Bike Review

Bolt It On Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Tie Down System Review

Once  the bikes are unloaded, just unscrew the knobs and remove for a free and clear trailer floor.
Trick hardware like the spring loaded pins with easy to grab knobs. Everything is adjustable.

I was first introduced to the Bolt It On brand while searching online for a nice way to secure my dirt bikes in my new trailer. I hated the idea of drilling, mounting something permanent, or getting something that takes too much time and effort to install. It’s really important in any trailer (especially a toy hauler situation) to have the ability to use it in many different ways or be able to clear the space. Wheel chocks are only good when the bikes are loaded and as soon as you take the bikes out they are awkward and in the way. Sure they make removeable ones- but you still have to drill and mount brackets for them to be useful. The worst part of this is having a fixed location of the support which doesn’t leave much versatility.

Once the bikes are unloaded, just unscrew the knobs and remove for a free and clear trailer floor.

After learning my lesson in previous trailers I wanted to go with something that will leave more availability of the floor space. I needed a setup that left my trailer a modular space. There’s really only one solution that I’ve been able to find that really meets all of criteria. It blows any other option completely out of the water. The sheer amount of options you have available with the Bolt It On tie down system is almost overwhelming. I love the idea of using the existing d-rings and leaving my trailer floor clear and empty when not being used.

After checking out the website of products available, I was able to do a little bit of measuring and come up with an idea of what would work best. You can order the main components of the system in several different varieties and lengths which really makes the whole product experience exceptional. It shipped in a couple different packages and was wrapped, tapped, stuffed, sealed, stapled to the point of I felt like I was being pranked. Literally zero chances taken in the product getting scratched or dented during shipping phase.

The Bolt It On bases are stout. Easily able to trust cruisers or adventure bikes loaded up.

Even the finish is of high quality. Very nice product made in the USA.

Trick hardware like the spring loaded pins with easy to grab knobs. Everything is adjustable.

Once I got everything unwrapped and sorted, I started to take in the level of quality control and care that was taken into consideration when developing the tie down system. The materials used are high quality, high grade and exceeds my expectations. I imagine this will outlast my ability to actually load a motorcycle. Setup was easy and being able to secure it to the d-rings in the floor was very satisfying. Again, this product really exceeded my expectations. The wheel chocks I chose during the ordering process (there are several options) have a quick release style pin to easily adjust where the chock should sit in relation to the main bar. This is great if you bounce around between the amount of bikes you bring. I also immediately noticed they can be flipped around and used on the opposing side, doubling the amount of bikes you can load.

The Bolt It On bases are stout. Easily able to trust cruisers or adventure bikes loaded up.

Loaded up the bikes are rock solid. The bases were really well thought out and nothing works loose once loaded and cinched down. I’m very happy with the product and believe it to be the best option if you are looking for a good setup that leaves your trailer, van or toy hauler floor free and clear when not in use.

Even the finish is of high quality. Very nice product made in the USA.

Here’s a product description from one of their pre-configured setups:

The J hooks are easy to tighten and loosen by hand and the knobs are a nice touch.

Pre-configured wheel chock & tie-down points for three MX or Off-Road bikes

Details:  This motorcycle tie-down rack system comes preconfigured to securely fasten three dirt bike motorcycles to your Bolt It On system. Make sure to select a crossbar length that is appropriate for your vehicle. It’s quick and easy to figure out. See our tips below.

Includes: Crossbar for motorcycle rack, 1 Crossbar, 2 Support legs, 2 Regular dirt bike wheel chocks, 1 Extended dirt bike wheel chock
Hardware, Proudly made in the U.S.A..  The J hooks are easy to tighten and loosen by hand and the knobs are a nice touch.

What to consider when selecting the correct crossbar (measure).

What is the distance between the inside of my walls?

Do I have wells? If so they must be below 10″ if you plan on extended the bar over them.

From the floor to the bottom of the crossbar is 10″

If your wheel wells are over 10″ then measure between your wheel wells to determine the correct crossbar length.

So happy to be able to unload and not have wheel chocks or hardware to trip over.



Cycle News Article March 19, 2017

Bolt It On Transport System

Bolt It On Transport SystemBolt It On Transport SystemBolt It On manufactures motorcycle tie-down systems for transporting motorcycles, safely and securely, in your van, toy hauler, enclosed cargo/utility or flatbed trailer. The rack system connects to your existing floor-mounted D-rings with Bolt It On’s J-Hook system. No hand tools or drilling required. The rack is assembled by sliding the desired combination of wheel chocks and tie-down loops onto the main bar and locking them into place through the use of a spring-loaded locking-pin device.



Bolt It On Transport SystemFEATURES:
• 100% Tool-free installation
• Remove and replace in 5 minutes
• Laser-cut carbon steel for strength
• V-style wheel chocks keep bike secure
• Chocks available for dirt, sport and cruisers
• Mounts to D-rings for safe and secure transport
• Lightweight and user-friendly

805.975.8280, www.boltiton.com


Keefer Inc Testing

Bolt It On Bike Rack

I just got a new Mercedes Sprinter van and I don’t know about you, but when I spend the kind of money I did with my new van, I want to make sure my bikes are secure and not going to fall over and ruin the sides of my new Sprinter. After I sold the ol’ trusty 2016 Sprinter, I purchased our new 2021 ver

sion and was looking for a bike rack to secure my test bikes. Some of you may be asking why not just build out the back of the van Kris? Well, it’s called money and I seemed to have spent a lot of it when I got the new van so I can’t exactly afford to build out a custom van right now. After doing some research, I wanted to try a different bike rack company than the previous one I used, so I decided on Bolt It On. Bolt It On is a family owned and USA operated business out of central California. After scouring their website and the tons of options they give you, I decided on the three dirt bike kit with 60 degree chocks with a 4 inch middle chock for my 170 sized van box.


Installation literally took me 10 minutes and required zero tools. I began by locating the long square tube known as the crossbar. This is the body/base of your rack. I began by loading the chocks onto the crossbar, then installed each support leg as well as a tie down hook on the inside or outside of each support leg. Lastly, attach one j-hook on the left and one on the right of the corssbar. Each j-hook should line up through a hole positioned directly above each D-Ring. That is it! Boom! Done. No tools required! What’s even better is that the whole system feels and looks quality. No crappy welds or burrs, the cuts on the crossbar are clean and even the paint on the kit has a nice finish to it.

Initially I was going to install the Bolt It On rack to the D-Rings directly behind the bench seat but noticed that the crossbar stuck out over the side door step so we relegated the crossbar to the  set of D-Rings that are set back one row. After speaking with Scott (the owner of Bolt It On) he mentioned that they offer a shorter 144 box version of the crossbar that can be installed directly behind the seat, which will not affect the clearance of the step. So, if you’re in the market for a bike rack from Bolt It On, make sure you kind of know where you would like to install it before making your purchase. Loading bike into the chocks is easy and what I like most about having that 60 degree bend is that the bikes we load up will not sway back and forth when tied down. In my previous van I had another bike rack that had chocks that were straight and had some nightmare-is moments with the bars hitting the sides of my van when hitting bumps in the road (no matter how tight we got them). Adding a third bike through the middle was a breeze and even though we mounted the Bolt It On rack back a little inside the van, we still had enough room to throw in toolboxes, gear bags, gas cans, etc.

The benefit to this Bolt It On rack is that I can disassemble and reassemble in minutes if need be. I don’t have to drill into the frame of my rear bench seat and my bikes are more secure with the Bolt It On rack, with the 60 degree angle of the chocks! Bolt It On makes these bicycle and dirt bike racks for all different makes and model trucks/vans and if you want a custom crossbar size, Bolt It On can cut the bar to your specific size. You can visit them over at boltiton.com or call Scott at 805 975 8280. Prices range from $400-$500 for a complete 2-3 dirt bike kit.  If you have any questions about this test, please feel free to email me at kris@keeferinctesting.com.


Dirt Bike Review

PRODUCT: Bolt It On is a manufacturer of tie-down systems for transporting motorcycles and bicycles securely in a van, toy hauler or trailer. The system can connect to your existing floor-mounted D-rings, E-tracks or L-tracks with Bolt It On’s J-hook system. No hand tools or drilling required.
POSITIVES:Installation only took about 10 minutes and didn’t require any drilling or specialty tools to bolt it directly into the existing tie-down hooks via their J-hook system. The rack we tested can be used for bicycle and motorcycle applications on both sides of the crossbar if needed. Built with durable materials that are laser-cut and hand-welded with a black powdercoat finish, we expected these systems to cost a lot more than they do.
NEGATIVES: We haven’t found anything that we don’t like about this system, except that it doesn’t automatically load and unload the bikes for us.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have a toy hauler or van and you don’t have one of these systems in it, you really are making it harder than it needs to be. The craftsmanship is great, the powdercoat finish gives it a clean look and the adjustability is almost endless. The crew at Bolt It On seems to have thought of everything when it comes to loading motorcycles and bicycles. After testing this unit for over a year, we have had no issues, and with a price starting at around $300, it’s very affordable, which is why we highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a removable tie-down system for their toy hauler, van or trailer. If you have a unique application that may require a custom size, the crew at Bolt It On can probably help as well.