Bolt It On has continued to receive support throughout the years from various magazines, riders, mechanics, TV and more. We have gathered some of our favorite magazine articles to share with you and hope you find them informative. As well, we hope they provide you with the confidence you deserve knowing that you are making the right choice when it comes to purchasing a Bolt It On Motorcycle Rack System for your rig.


CLICK HERE Built Bike Review
Bolt It On Rack System Review
November 2020

CLICK HERE: Gear Junkie Review
Bolt It On Rack System Review
Bolt It On Motorcycle Restraint System
July 2020

CLICK HERE: Upshift article
Bolt It On Rack System Review
Upshift: Bolt it on Motorcycle Restraint System
December, 2019


CLICK HERE: Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine
Bolt It On Rack System Review
Motorcycle Transport Transportation Hack

April 11, 2018


CLICK HERE: Transworld Motocross Article
Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Bolt It On Dirt Bike Rack
Gifts That Won’t Get Returned
By Don Maeda


CLICK HERE: Cycle News Press Release
Bolt It On Dirt Bike Rack
March 17, 2017


CLICK HERE: Dirt Rider Magazine 
Bolt-It-On Trailer Tie-Down Bar
November 12, 2009


CLICK HERE: Truck Trend Network Installation Article
Motorcycle Tie Down System – Tested! Truck Trend Network
Bolt It On and be confident and secured
Dec 2008




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