Build Your Own 67″ Series 2 Rack System

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Series 2 Dirt Bike Wheel Chock – optional

Series 2 Sport Bike Wheel Chock – optional

Extended Dirt Bike Wheel Chock - Series 2 – optional

Extended Sport Bike Wheel Chock Series 2 – optional

Harley / Cruiser Wheel Chock - Series 2 – optional

Double Sided Dirt Bike Wheel Chock - Series 2 – optional

Double sided dirt bike wheel chock

Sport Bike Wheel Chock Double Sided Series 2 – optional

Used when hauling bikes on each side of crossbar

Tie Down Loop - Series 2 – optional

Bicycle Hitch Series 2 – optional

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By request, we have designed a new less expensive rack system for those of you that are looking to save a few bucks. The Series 2 rack systems are designed with all the same materials as our original design without the spring loaded pins. They use a quick release pin instead.

Quick Release pin

Add this rack to your cart if you wish to configure your own Bolt It On Rack from scratch. This package includes everything but the chocks which will need to be selected separately.

Standard kit includes:

  • 67″ Crossbar (call for custom sizes)
  • 2 leg supports
  • 2 tie down loops
  • Hardware
    • Note: This kit come with J-hooks that are designed for standard d-rings that flip up. If you have the style that does not flip up please leave a comment on your order.

What to consider when selecting the correct crossbar length:

  • What is the distance between my inside walls?
  • Do I have wheel wells? If so they must be below 10″ if you plan on extending the bar over them
    From the floor to the bottom of the crossbar is 10″
  • If you wheel wells are over 10″ then measure between your wheel well to determine the correct crossbar length

What to consider when selecting the your wheel chocks:

  • What type of bikes am I planning on hauling?
  • How many bikes am I hauling?
  • It is advised that you place an extended chock in the middle if you are hauling 3 or bikes on a single side. This will prevent the handlebars and fairings from hitting each other.
  • If you plan on hauling bike on both sides of the crossbar consider using the double sided chocks.

Note: The picture shows the standard spring loaded style pull pins.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 70 in
Crossbar length

67", 77", 80", 88", 95"


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